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Bid farewell to the daunting task of scouring through an extensive array of wines. Our sommeliers alleviate the burden by meticulously selecting wines that impeccably complement your food menu and event theme.


Avoid costly mistakes by selecting the wrong wine. Our sommeliers' expertise ensures that every penny is well-spent on the perfect wine.


Entrust the wine selection and beverage service to us, and have more time to concentrate on other vital aspects of your event.


Concentrate on entertaining your guests and executing your event seamlessly, while we provide exceptional wine service.


Leave a lasting impression on your guests with our sommeliers' proficiency and knowledge. They will be impressed with the exquisite wine pairing and service.

About Us


Welcome to Hire A Sommelier -Las Vegas’ premier luxury sommelier and bartender hiring service.

We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing the best-in-class beverage service for your special events and occasions. 

Our team is comprised of the most talented sommeliers and bartenders in Las Vegas, each with years of experience in providing personalized and attentive service to clients in the luxury hospitality industry Las Vegas is known for. 

We take great pride in our ability to curate custom wine and cocktail programs that complement any type of event, from intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate functions. 

We believe in the transformative power of wine and its ability to enhance any event or occasion. Our commitment to excellence, professionalism and attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do and has led to us being the #1 luxury beverage service in Las Vegas.



Sommeliers are at the heart of Hire A Sommelier, providing unmatched expertise in wine selection and service. Our company was founded by a team of experienced sommeliers who understand the importance of exceptional hospitality at events.

Meet Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey, a Las Vegas native with over 20 years of experience in the wine industry. He has been a trusted import-distributor for Las Vegas casinos and is the founder of Appellation Wine Brands, a luxury lifestyle company that creates bespoke wine brands for clients in the hospitality industry.

Matthew is also the Executive Sommelier and Director of Wine for National Wine & Music Festivals, where he creates unforgettable wine experiences for thousands of festival-goers across the country. 

As the lead wine judge for the Pr%f (Proof) awards, the largest double-blind wine and spirit competition in the US, Matthew’s expertise and discerning palate are widely recognized and instrumental in helping to recognize exceptional brands.

In addition to his work in the industry, Matthew is also an accomplished wine writer, with a monthly readership of over 5 million as a lead wine writer for Proof Magazine

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge of wine and runs an e-learning platform, AdvancedWineCourse.com, where he serves as an educator for wine enthusiasts and novices alike.

Matthew-Lorèn’s vision behind HireASommelier.com is to bring world-class wine experiences from the winery, directly to you. 

Additionally, his goal is to provide a creative outlet for the talented sommeliers in Las Vegas and to deliver unparalleled beverage service to clients hosting special events and occasions. 



We offer a range of exceptional services that cater to your every beverage need. With our full beverage solutions, we provide a full liquor license, allowing us to offer a wide range of wine, spirits, beer, and mixers for any occasion. 

Our sommelier-led wine tastings are the perfect way to elevate your event or party, while our wine menu creation services ensure that your wine selection is perfectly tailored to your tastes and preferences.

We also offer wine education services for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of wine. Whether you’re looking to build a home cellar, need in-store liquor demos, or require wine consulting services, our team of highly trained and experienced sommeliers is ready to help.



Our sommeliers bring a wealth of knowledge to your event, serving as historians, storytellers, and educators who transport your guests on a sensory journey through the world of wine. 

With their passion for demystifying wine, they make even the most complex wines approachable to both novices and connoisseurs alike. 

Through their engaging and immersive approach, they will guide your guests on a wine-tasting experience that evokes intrigue, desire, romance, and a newfound appreciation for the art of wine, making them an essential part of any dining or social experience. 

Our award-winning sommeliers represent the pinnacle of dedication, each adorned with highly regarded certifications from distinguished organizations such as the Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine Spirit Education Trust, International Sommelier Guild, Institute of Masters of Wine, Wine Scholar Guild, and Society of Wine Educators. 

These esteemed qualifications serve as a testament to their unwavering commitment to mastering the art and science of wine and demonstrate their unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the field.

Court of Master Sommeliers

Wine Spirit Education Trust

International Sommelier Guild

Institute of Masters of Wine

Wine Scholar Guild

Society of Wine Educators

Our Team


Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey

Lead Sommelier

Court of Master Sommeliers | Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey is a revered industry leader with a wealth of experience gathered over 15 years as a wine collector and importer-distributor in Las Vegas.

He is the founder of Appellation Wine Group, a luxury lifestyle company that creates bespoke wine brands for restaurants, hotels, and private clients.

He holds the title of Executive Sommelier & Director of Wine for National Wine & Music Festivals, where he curates a memorable and captivating wine experience for thousands of festival-goers all across the country.

He takes his experienced palate and talent to the judging board and holds the coveted role of Lead Wine Judge for the Pr%f (Proof) Awards, the largest double-blind wine and spirit competition in the US, and is also a prolific wine writer, with a monthly readership of over 5 million as a lead wine writer for Proof Magazine.

Mark W.


Court of Master Sommeliers | Cicerone | Certified Specialist of Spirits

Mark W. is an accomplished Wine & Spirits Industry Professional with an impressive career spanning over two decades. He has held diverse and prominent roles in the industry, starting with Wine Production at Whitman College under the tutelage of Rick Small at Woodward Canyon Winery in Walla Walla, WA. He went on to establish his own Wine and Spirits Brokerage Sales in Las Vegas, and then served as a Regional Multi-State Supplier across the SW for Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Mark’s extensive expertise also includes his work as a Sales Director for a European Wine Import Companies, where he played a pivotal role in their success. Moreover, his experience as a Key On-Premise Manager for multiple key distributors throughout the country has only added to his already impressive credentials.

Mark possesses an innate passion and enthusiasm for the world of Wine and Spirits, which he conveys with remarkable zeal and his charismatic larger-than-life persona.

Chef Jackie


Executive Chef



From a tender age of seven, Chef Jackie’s passion for food and entertaining took flight. Her holiday parties became the canvas for her creative genius, sparking a lifelong journey in the culinary world. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Chef Jackie graduated with highest honors from The International Culinary School at The Art Institute, immersing herself in the art of gastronomy and the intricacies of the culinary business.

Chef Jackie’s true calling for catering and creating unforgettable experiences beckoned her to establish multiple successful catering companies. She’s known for her breathtaking artistic food plating and presentations, mouthwatering Graze charcuterie boards, and exquisitely balanced palate bites along with her food and wine pairings. Through her exceptional culinary skills, she delighted esteemed clients such as Lil Jon, Andrew Drummond, DJ Carnage, and iconic brands like Valentino, Dior, and Dolce & Gabbana.
We can’t wait for you to experience the finesse and culinary mastery that Chef Jackie brings to every event, ensuring a feast for all your senses.

what we offer


We understand that creating a memorable event requires attention to detail, seamless execution, and a team of experienced professionals. That’s why we offer staffing solutions for all your hospitality needs. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, our team of highly trained professionals, including sommeliers, bartenders, servers, hosts, and event staff, will ensure that your event is a success from start to finish.

Liquor Caters License

Have an event but need a Liquor license Whether you're hosting a corporate event, wedding, or private party, we have the expertise and resources to secure the proper licensing to serve alcohol. Don't let the lack of a liquor license hold you back from having a successful event. Contact us today and let us take care of the details, so you can focus on creating unforgettable memories.


Add a touch of class and sophistication to your event by hiring our professional bartenders. With years of experience in crafting signature cocktails and delivering top-notch service. Let our bartenders bring their expertise and passion to your event and make it an unforgettable experience for all.

Executive Chef/ Sous Chef

Experience culinary excellence at your next event by enlisting the talents of our Executive Chef and Sous Chef. With extensive knowledge and expertise in fine dining and haute cuisine, our culinary team will take care of all the details, from menu planning to execution, so you can enjoy a stress-free and unforgettable event.

Tray pass servers

Our team of experienced servers will ensure that your guests are treated to the highest level of service, with impeccable attention to detail and professionalism. From hors d'oeuvres to passed champagne, our servers will circulate throughout the event, delivering delectable treats to your guests with grace and efficiency.

Atmosphere models

Make a lasting impression on your guests by hiring our captivating atmosphere models for your next event. With their striking beauty, engaging personalities, and exceptional customer service, our models will create an unforgettable experience for your guests. From greeting guests upon arrival to circulating throughout the event, our models will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any occasion. Our models will create a specific ambiance that aligns with the event's theme and brand to ensure that your guests feel welcomed and entertained throughout the event.

Whiskey Experts

With an unparalleled passion for the spirit, our whiskey experts possess extensive knowledge and experience in the art of selecting, tasting, and pairing the finest whiskeys from around the world. Our team will create a customized whiskey menu that caters to your unique preferences, providing an immersive and educational experience that will leave your guests with a new appreciation for the intricacies of the whiskey craft.

Beer Experts (cicerone)

Elevate your beer experience to the next level with our team of expert cicerones. With extensive knowledge and experience in the art of beer, our cicerones are masters in the craft of selecting, pairing, and serving the finest brews. From classic lagers to unique artisanal creations, our cicerones will guide you through an immersive and educational experience, unlocking the secrets of the world of beer.


  • Expert Sommeliers & bartenders
  • Custom-curated wine list by our Sommelier staff
  • An extensive list of wines & spirits from all over the world
  • Intriguing wine themes & custom wine flights
  • Wine glasses (where applicable)
  • Sommelier presentation
    • History of grapes, region, and appellations
    • Grape varietal 
    • Take home tasting notes

Our Sommeliers Have Been Featured In


We take pride in offering a wide array of event themes and solutions to cater to any style of event, from corporate events, convention events, company parties, and private parties, to festivals, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Las Vegas parties, winemaker dinners, and restaurant special events.

Our team of professionals is equipped to provide team-building activities, wedding celebrations, private wine tastings, suite parties, in-home wine-tasting events, virtual and online wine-tasting events, and even intimate date nights.

No matter the occasion, we work tirelessly to curate an unforgettable experience, tailored to your unique vision and preferences, ensuring that every moment is imbued with elegance, sophistication, and enjoyment.

Corporate events

Convention Events

Company Parties

Private Parties


Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties

Las Vegas Parties

Wine Maker Dinner

Restaurant Special Events

Insurance sip-and-learn

Realestate sip-and-learn

Team Building


Private Wine Tastings

Suite Parties

In-Home Wine Tasting Events

Virtual/ Online Wine Tasting Events

Date Nights …and more



  • The first and ONLY Luxury Sommelier Agency of its kind
  • The largest list of sommeliers & bartenders in Las Vegas
  • Flexible and customizable packages to fit any budget and event size
  • Extensive list of wines and spirits from all over the world
  • Competitive pricing on wines and spirits 
  • Curated wine themes to remove the guesswork
  • Fully Licensed | Insured


We have crafted customized wine flights based on a variety of themes, with the intention of making wine more accessible, approachable, and exciting for all. Our expert sommelier will be present to provide insightful explanations of the subtle nuances between each varietal and explain the fascinating history and cultural significance associated with every bottle.

Play Video

A Tour of Italy

Join us on a tour of Italy as we explore the classic romantic wines of the region. Discover the charm of Prosecco, the light crispness of Pinot Grigio, the boldness of Chianti, the complexity of Barolo, the elegance of Barbaresco, and many more. Our experienced sommelier will guide you through the history, tradition, and taste of each wine, creating a memorable and educational wine-tasting experience. Salute!

A Taste of France

"A Taste of France" is an immersive wine experience that showcases the classic and iconic wines of France. From the rich and bold reds of Bordeaux to the sparkling wines of Champagne, this event will take attendees on a tour of France's most famous wine regions. Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey will guide guests through each wine, providing in-depth knowledge on the winemaking techniques, grape varietals, and regional characteristics that make each one unique.

California Classics

Features premier wines from the world-famous Napa, Sonoma, and other California appellations. Come taste cult classic wines that are known for their pioneering spirit and legendary flavor profiles that made California world famous!

Cabernet Sauvignon Flight

Cabernet Sauvignon reigns supreme. This educational class gives you the opportunity to taste various Cabernets from important growing regions throughout the world (Napa Valley, Bordeaux France, Spain, etc) - gain insight on what makes each one unique based on the climate, and region they come from.

Pinot Noir Flight

This educational class gives you the opportunity to taste various Pinot Noirs from important growing regions throughout the world (Sonoma Coast, Willamette Valley, Burgundy France, Germany, South Africa, etc ) - gain insight on what makes each one unique based on the climate, and region they come from.

Brunch Party

Wine and champagne are synonymous with Brunch. Waffles and champagne- YES! It’s never too early to drink wine

Nothing but Bubbles

Learn the stylistic difference between Champagne (Champagne, France), Crèmant (France), Cava (Spain), & Prosecco (Italy)

Luxury Wine Tasting Experience

Highly rated, collectible, & revered wines. All wines featured will be rated 90+ (RP and/or Wine Spectator) with a special feature of a 100 point rated wine.

Price Wars

Think you know your wines? Can your palate tell the difference between a $10 bottle of wine and $100 bottle of wine? Let’s find out with this guided tasting that is entertaining but also educational. Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn will also deep dive into the environmental, social, vineyard, and winery factors that determine wine pricing

A Vertical Experience

Experience the progression of time in a glass with our unique vertical wine tasting. Our sommeliers have carefully curated a selection of the finest vintages, ranging from the oldest to the youngest, allowing you to indulge in a sensory journey that showcases the evolution of flavors and aromas.

Sommeliers Choice - "The Lord of Wine Tasting Experience"

Drink like a sommelier! Indulge in the ultimate wine tasting experience by tasting through flight of your sommelier's favorite wines from around the world.

An Exotic Adventure

Embark on an exotic wine adventure with a flight of rare and unique wines from around the world. Take your palate on a journey through the most exquisite and fascinating wine regions, discovering the bold and distinct flavors that make each wine so special. Let our sommeliers guide you through this remarkable tasting experience, as they share their extensive knowledge and passion for these extraordinary wines.

Celebrity Wines

Experience the glamour and luxury of your favorite celebrities through their exquisite wine collections. From movie stars to musicians, taste the wines that have been inspired and crafted by the world's most famous personalities. Our sommeliers will guide you through a flight of celebrity-owned wines, sharing fascinating stories and insights into how each of these stars have made their mark on the wine industry. So indulge in the ultimate celebrity experience and drink like a star while learning which one of your favorite celebrities are shaping the wine industry.

Seasonal Wine Flights

This seasonal wine flight is a selection of wines that are chosen to reflect the flavors and aromas of a specific season. It typically features a range of wines that are in season, such as crisp whites and rosés in the summer, or full-bodied reds in the fall and winter.

Holiday/ Celebrations Theme

Indulge in the festive spirit with our holiday and celebrations themed wine experiences. Whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings, or even divorce parties, we'll curate a wine selection that perfectly complements your celebration.

Cigar pairings

Live cigar rolling paired with wines. Cigar and wine pairing is a luxurious and sophisticated way to enjoy two complementary products and provides an opportunity to relax, unwind, and savor the flavors and aromas of each.

The Sommelier & Chef Takeover

Our sommeliers & celebrity chefs take over the kitchen at your home or resturant to create a unique menu offered for a very limited engagement. This unique and memorable dining experience offers guests the opportunity to sample a range of wines and dishes, and to learn about the art of pairing wine and food from experienced professionals.

Wine Maker Dinners

Our Rolodex is deep with world-class winemakers from Napa to Bordeaux. Leverage our relationships as we bring in a celebrated winemaker who will pair a wine with each coursed offering.Throughout the dinner, the winemaker will speak about the wines being served, their production process, and the history and philosophy behind their winemaking. Guests will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss the wines with the winemaker, and learn about the nuances and complexities of each wine. The menu is intentionally designed to complement the flavors and aromas of the wines, and to showcase the winery's flagship or limited-release wines.


From the vineyard to the classroom. Classroom-style educational teaching with a study guide, worksheets, quizzes, and tests. The classes will cover topics such as wine history, wine production, wine varieties, wine tasting techniques, food and wine pairing, wine storage and preservation, wine culture and etiquette, etc.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who participate, allowing them to showcase their wine knowledge and appreciation to others.

The educational format can be adjusted to suit the needs and preferences of the attendees, from hands-on tastings and workshops to interactive discussion groups and lectures. The goal is to provide an enjoyable and memorable learning experience for all participants.

New World vs. Old World & How To Tell the Difference

Build a fundamental understanding of which regions in the world produce "old world" and "new world" wines, what makes them noticeably different, and learning techniques on how to tell the difference between the two using the deductive method of tasting.

Wine 101

An Introduction to Wine Fundamentals- Learn the elements that will make you a well-rounded wine consumer with a focus on primary wine growing regions, popular grape varietals, learning wine terms, how to properly open and serve wine & champagne, and drinking etiquette

Wine 202

A deep dive into wine-making techniques, wine pricing, with a focus on specific wine-growing regions and their wine styles, laws, geography, and how cultural influence shapes the wine

Blind Tasting

A unique and interactive wine experience that allows participants to develop their palate and enhance their wine tasting skills. During this event, participants taste various wines while concealing the label and bottle information. This allows them to focus solely on the wine's appearance, aroma, flavor, and body. By using their senses, participants can learn how to identify the different grape varieties, regions, and wine styles without being influenced by the wine's reputation or price.

Price Comparative Wine Tasting

This Price Comparative Wine Tasting compares wines of different price points to demonstrate the correlation between price and quality in wine. The goal is to help participants understand how the price of wine can impact its taste, quality, and value.It helps participants understand the factors that contribute to a wine's price and how to identify a wine's value for money. This kind of event is great for people to understand more about wine and how to make a more informed decision when buying wine.

Wine Language Class

A comprehensive learning experience that teaches you how to effectively communicate your thoughts and perceptions of a wine. This class is designed to help you develop a more nuanced understanding of wine and the vocabulary to describe it. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or just starting out, you'll learn to identify key wine aromas and flavors and how to describe them in a way that is clear and concise. With the skills learned in this class, you'll be able to confidently engage in wine conversations and impress others with your knowledge and expertise.

Wine Structure Class

Learning the fundamentals of wine structure -This class focuses on the fundamental components that make up wine, such as aromas, residual sugar levels, acidity, tannins, oak aging, and varietal markers. Participants will learn how to identify and describe these elements in wine, enhancing their overall wine-tasting experience.

Wine & Food pairing Class

Get hands-on with this inspirational course as we teach you food pairing technics. Our celebrity chef and sommelier take you step-by-step you learn how to prepare delicious recipes to pair with your favorite wines. Perfect for date nights, or any night ending in “Y”.


Wine Tasting Stations

Elevate your event with sommelier-staffed wine stations that are sure to impress guests of all sizes. Our team of experienced sommeliers will create a casual walk-up bar setting, where guests can sample a variety of exquisite wines and learn about their subtle nuances and cultural significance.

Wine Social

The Wine Social is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for wine lovers to mingle, network, and try new wines. We offer both buffet-style or tray-passed appetizers, guests will be able to indulge in delicious food while sipping on a variety of wines. A bar setup with wines selected by Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey will provide guests with the opportunity to try new and exciting wines and learn about each wine from the sommelier. This is the perfect event for a casual networking affair or for those looking to expand their wine knowledge.

Educational/Lecture Format

This format is perfect for those who are seeking a more formal and structured wine education experience. Classroom-style educational teaching with a study guide, worksheets, quizzes, and tests. A certificate of completion will be awarded for those that complete the course.

Happy Hour

Enjoy a casual networking affair with our expert Sommelier hosting wine by the glass or bottle specials. Unwind and relax as you savor our carefully curated wine selection while mingling with colleagues and friends. Let us elevate your Happy Hour experience with our premium wine offerings and personalized service.

The Sommelier Series

Semi-casual event with 4-5 wines & light bite food pairings prepared by Chef Leo experienced in a communal setting (8-10 per table) Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey will offer a tableside presentation of the wines

Formal Wine Dinner

Plated chef-prepared dinner with wine pairings selected and prepared by our sommeliers.

Cellar Stocking

Let our experienced sommeliers take care of your private cellar stocking needs with their expertise in world-renowned wines. They can also provide inventory management and consultation services to ensure your collection is well-curated and always ready for any occasion.


We understand that every event is unique and requires a personalized approach. That’s why we offer a variety of packages and pricing options to fit any budget and size of event. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large corporate event, our team will work with you to create a customized package that meets your specific needs and budget. We take pride in providing high-quality service and products at affordable prices, so you can focus on enjoying your event while we take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and pricing options.


Michele T. Founder, PR%F Awards

PR%F Awards (Proof Awards) has been certified as the largest wine, spirits, and beverage competition in America powered by Food and Beverage Magazine and Delta Airlines Sky Club. As the founder of the PR%F Awards, we were privileged to have Matthew Lindsey as our lead sommelier/buyer. It was a stroke of great fortune, for us. His discriminating palate lead a team of talented wine buyers/judges to rate hundreds of wines from all over the world during our intense, two-day double-blind competition. Matthew found some hidden gems during the PR%F Awards with his ability to understand the complete profile of each wine with the first smell and first taste. He was the key driver in discussion for the entire wine group of judges as they scrutinized each wine individually with merit and accolades. Matthew added such credibility to our awards with elegance, industry knowledge, and buyer proficiency, we are thrilled he has come on-board serve as our lead wine judge!

Hekili A. - Nevada Chief Instructor - UNLV College of Hospitality

What can I say about Matthew-Loren Lindsey. By far one of the most professional and caring individuals I've ever met in the wine world. As in alumni of UNLV and having gone through the hospitality program I've been around some great instructors that really care about teaching wine to their students. Matthew-Loren has by far exceeded all of those instructors I've been fortunate to work with at UNLV. I truly believe if he was my wine instructor and UNLV my career would have taken a completely different path. The care desire and willingness to help others makes him such an incredible instructor. Take it from me, a food and beverage specialist here in Las Vegas Matthew-Loren is the man that will help obtain everything you need to be wildly successful in the wine world.

Melissa D.

It was without question that Matthew would be the best person to reach out to before launching my company's Wine Social Tasting series. To my delight (and that of every participant) his contribution to our event experience was passionately authentic. From selecting 8 quality wines that complement each event's theme and food menu, to sharing his genuine fervor for and extensive knowledge in the numerous aspects of wine, he helped craft a well-rounded experience impressing both wine amateurs and enthusiasts in attendance.

Stephanie Z.

Thanks again for your amazing Sommelier service at our NBA player appreciation event, it was such a pleasure to have Sommelier Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey.

Kelly S.

I can confidently say that our sommelier was the highlight of our corporate event. Their expertise in the world of wine was impressive and their ability to connect with each guest on a personal level was a testament to their professionalism and passion for what they do. We received so many compliments from our guests and will definitely be booking them again in the future.

Sarah T.

I was blown away by the knowledge and passion of our sommelier. They truly made the wine-tasting experience come to life with their engaging stories and in-depth explanations of each wine we tried. I can't wait to book them for my next event.

James M.

Our sommelier was exceptional. They were able to cater to the different levels of wine knowledge among our group and made everyone feel comfortable with the language of wine. The selection of wines they chose was top-notch and the experience was unforgettable. I highly recommend them for any wine-tasting event

Jaclyn M.

I have had the pleasure to attend Matthew Loren Lindsey’s Sommelier Series, at both Larrea and Jing. As soon as you walk in you are welcomed and what’s so beautifully unique about this wine experience is that you are asked to join others that you have never met, it’s a very social fun way to enjoy the evening and breaks you out of the normal 2 top style dining experience. So he really makes it a community within the wine space.The wines are always perfectly selected from different regions from France, California and Italy primarily. He works personally with the chef at the restaurant to create a perfect food and wine pairing menu as well. It is such a fun wine experience for all with an informative social atmosphere. Be sure to check out his “flight school” as well for an even more in depth wine knowledge experience. Cheers,

Testimonials Videos

Jeff C.

Nader S.

Nathan A.

Melissa D.

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